Scent Free Info

Why are the classes scent free?

The classes are scent free because many people have bad reactions to chemical scent. Some people are allergic, and besides suffering from typical allergy symptoms like stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, burning and/or runny eyes, cough – for some folks chemical scent can trigger asthmatic reactions. Other people are chemical sensitive and they can have symptoms similar to allergy sufferers or even worse, neurological symptoms.

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – a severe form of chemical sensitivity. My symptoms can include breathing difficulties, irregular heart beat, tremors, brain fog, confusion and more; the symptoms can last several days after exposure. Chemical fragrancing is most toxic for me and that is the main reason why I want to limit the chemicals in the air in my classes.

What does scent free mean ?

Scent free can have many definitions. For my classes scent free means all students – and myself – do not use chemically scented products prior to class. What are these products? Obviously perfumes and colognes are a no-no. Unless noted on the package as unscented, assume all personal care products and laundry products have chemical scent or fragrance added. I know it can be somewhat difficult to be chemical scent free – I am.

The day of class please don’t use any scented products (deodorant is just OK – it’s trapped under your arms) and if possible switch to unscented laundry products prior to beginning classes. (Unscented laundry products are easy to find, try them for a few months and see if you feel better! Many people are sensitive or allergic and don’t know it.) If you haven’t yet switched to unscented laundry products, please wear clothes that haven’t been laundered for a LONG time. Hang them outside and try to blow some of the chemicals from them before getting dressed for class. If you wear perfume don’t wear clothes that you have worn while wearing perfume. Please don’t spray your hair, lotion your hands or face with anything that is scented … well you get it, right? No scent is best.

If you have any questions about scent free I will be pleased answer them. Contact me

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